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The Study Abroad Office of UIUC sponsors three campus-wide programs that offer opportunities to learn Chinese through the study abroad program. See information on the website of Illinois International, Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (IAGE).

  • IAGE Exchange Program, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
  • Alliance Beijing, China - Intensive Chinese Language, Beijing, China
  • Alliance Shanghai, China, Intensive Chinese Language, Shanghai

In addition, EALC students recently have benefited from participating in the following programs:


The Japanese Studies program at Konan University (formerly Year in Japan or YIJ) is offered through LAS Study Abroad for students studying Japanese at UIUC and three other consortium schools. Students have the option of spending a summer, one iuc logosemester or a full year at Konan University in Kobe, Japan. A variety of scholarships are available for this program from the Department (Matsuda award), Illinois and Konan University (Scholarships A, B, HUMAP, and JASSO). Visit the program's page to find out about requirements and generous funding opportunities. Illinois is also a member of the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies (IUC) consortium for graduate students seeking advanced language training in Japanese. The program offers both year-long and intensive summer courses. The IUC is run by Stanford University in Yokohama, Japan. 


Visit the Korean Language Program's page to find information on the many exciting opportunities to study and teach in Korea.