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Kornicki talk flyer

Event Spotlight: Lecture by renowned scholar Peter Kornicki

Printing began in Japan in the 8th century with the production of the Hyakumantō darani, though they were produced for ritual purposes not for reading. Texts were printed for reading from the 11th century onwards and from the beginning of the 17th century commercial publication took off rapidly and so successfully that by the 1660s catalogues of books in print were printed. So surely it is perverse to describe the Edo period as a manuscript culture? Well, no. Because the focus on Japan as a print society like that of contemporary Europe has blinded us to the dominance of manuscript culture...

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Cameron Roberts_Midwest Korean Speech Contest Highest Standing Awardee

Student Spotlight: UIUC Cameron Roberts wins highest standing award in the 5th Midwest Korean Speech Contest

Cameron (Cam) Roberts, the winner of the Beginning Level at the 8th UIUC Korean Speech Contest, won the Highest Standing Award of the Beginning Level at the 5th Midwest Korean Speech Contest held on April 6, 2024. Cam will receive a scholarship to study at Sungkyunkwan University in Korea, in addition to an $800 cash airfare support award. Congratulations, Cam!   Cam is receiving his award from Mr. Moon, Director of the Korean Education Center in Chicago, at the 5th Midwest Korean Speech Contest held on April 6, 2024.   

Photo of Grace Mitchell

Student Spotlight: EALC Senior Grace Mitchell Named Schwarzman Scholar

Grace Mitchell, a senior double majoring in EALC and Political Science, was named a Schwarzman Scholar, one of 151 recipients selected from an international pool of 3,000 applicants. The program fully funds an annual Schwarzman class consisting of 40% U.S. students, 20% from China and Taiwan, and 40% from the rest of the world.  Grace will be heading to Tsinghua University in Beijing for this fully-funded one-year master’s degree and leadership program. Congratulations, Grace!  

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Jeeyoung Ha

Faculty Spotlight: Jeeyoung Ha receives LAS Academic Professional Award

EALC faculty member and Director of Undegraduate Studies is one of the recipients of the the LAS Academic Professional Award. The recognition comes with a $1,000 award and a $1,000 salary increment supported by funds from LAS alumni. All six awardees will be honored at a ceremony in March.  Read more here.

Professor Song

Faculty Spotlight: Myoung-Sun Song to join EALC faculty in Fall 2020

We are delighted to announce that Myoung-Sun Song will join the Department as Assistant Professor of Modern and Contemporary Korean Culture. Her research focuses on the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, class, and (national) identity in Korean media and popular culture. She is the author of Hanguk Hip Hop: Global Rap in South Korea (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019), the first scholarly book-length study on the subject. Before coming to Illinois, she taught at Sogang University in Seoul. Prof. Song will teach courses on contemporary Korean culture, society, and...

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Turbulent Streams cover

Publication Spotlight: New book by EALC professor Roderick Wilson

A new book by EALC and History professor Roderick Wilson examines the vital role that rivers played in Japan’s modern transformation, as well as how people view their environments. Read more  

New book by EALC Professor Emeritus Ronald Toby

Publication Spotlight: New book by EALC Professor Emeritus Ronald Toby: Engaging the Other: 'Japan' and Its Alter-Egos, 1550-1850

In Engaging the Other: “Japan and Its Alter-Egos”, 1550-1850, Ronald P. Toby examines new discourses of identity and difference in early modern Japan, a discourse catalyzed by the “Iberian irruption,” the appearance of Portuguese and other new, radical others in the sixteenth century. The encounter with peoples and countries unimagined in earlier discourse provoked an identity crisis, a paradigm shift from a view of the world as comprising only “three countries” (sangoku), i.e., Japan, China and India, to a world of “myriad countries” ( bankoku) and...

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