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Welcome to the EALC website!

The EALC department offers interdisciplinary degree programs in the languages, histories, cultures, literatures, and religions of China, Japan, and Korea. In addition to courses from elementary to advanced levels in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, we offer a wide range of courses that explore both the rich cultural heritage and the vibrant contemporary cultures of East Asia. Whether you are interested in contemporary Chinese film, Buddhist meditation, The Tale of Genji, or K-pop, you can join us to learn about this fascinating region and explore your own future career possibilities at the same time.

Our department features world-famous faculty who are doing research across the disciplines of history, literature, anthropology, linguistics, and religion. We offer opportunities to study abroad, including a Year in Japan program at Konan University, and a variety of cultural programs. We work closely with other centers on the campus such as CEAPS, the Japan House, Asian Media and Education Services (AMES) to support a wide variety of extracurricular activities. This fall, our university will host the Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs, the regional conference of the Association of Asian Studies, which will bring hundreds of scholars and researchers to our campus from throughout the region.


Robert Tierney
Department Head
Associate Professor of Japanese Literature



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