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Year in Japan

Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies


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The Department recognizes that the study of East Asian languages and cultures is an active and interactive process of mutual engagement. An integral part of that process is research and study in East Asia, whether to improve language skills, to conduct research, or to work closely with professors and researchers in East Asia. For that reason, the Department sponsors several exchange programs in East Asia that are open to students in the undergraduate as well as graduate programs.
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The University of Illinois is a member of the sponsoring consortium of the Inter-University Center in Yokohama, Japan, and our graduate students are thus eligible for Inter-University Center financial aid. The University also has programs available for graduate study at Yonsei University, Korea; at the Inter-University Program at Taiwan National University or the Mandarin Training Center at Taiwan Normal University; and at Beijing UniversityNanjing University,Southwest Normal University in Chongqing, and Xibei University in Xian, PRC. Some of these programs provide funding, stipends, or reduced costs.

The Department has administerd the Year in Japan Program since 1975.  The Program has sent more than 600 students to Japan. The Year and Summer in Japan Program is an intensive Japanese language and study program. Students will live with a hostfamily, socialize with Japanese students and explore the nation’s natural and cultural wonders.  All credit hours (16 credit hours per semester or 8 credit hours per summer) are all UIUC EALC credit hours.  The Resident Director on site is faculty at EALC or American scholars from consortium universities (University of Arizona, University of Hawaii and University of Pittsburgh).